South Village Historical Walking Tour Review

Authored by Chris Lund

South Village Historical Walking Tour

Map and Presentation created by Leanna Ladouceur, Mary Glynn & Melissa Henderson

South Village Historical Walking Tour Powerpoint Presentation

South Village Historical Walking Tour Powerpoint Presentation

This map and presentation combine to provide a detailed guided historical walking tour of Manhattan’s South Village, home to many Italian immigrants at the turn of the century. The tour highlights many key locations and areas, featuring buildings from this period which are still standing today, along with those that have been demolished and replaced. Historical photographs are provided to allow tourgoers to compare each area’s present appearance to its past. Additional information is also included about each stop, adding depth, context and perspective to the modern scenery. Continue reading

NYC Businesses Support the Military during World War I Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly

Website Created by Sarah Miller, Kelly Povero & Anne Zadora

Bordens Farm

A receipt from Borden’s Farm Products Co., Inc. obtained from the Center for Migration Studies.

This website focuses on the quest for the American Dream throughout World War I in a very unique way. By examining different documents, such as receipts and ledgers from old stores and businesses, this website takes a look at how various goods and services affected the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of so many different members of society. This particular website, which was constructed around documents that were obtained from the Pompeii Papers at the Center for Migration studies, was created in hopes of ultimately preserving historical buildings around New York City.

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