This page contains examples of projects completed by students of previous years centered  around community partners from the Academic Service Learning program.

Center for Migration Studies (NY)

Spring 2013

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Title – The Role of the Legislative Process in Protecting Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness:  Selections from the Endres Collection

Website Authors – Alice Izumo, Amanda Register, Chris Lund & Mary Thompson

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/04/the-role-of-the-legislative-process-in-protecting-rights-to-life-liberty-and-the-pursuit-of-happiness-website-review/



Title – The Lost Children

Website Author – Mary Glynn

Project Contributors – Melissa Henderson, Tonya Ely, Zachary Housel, Margaret Mattes, Joseph Pascullo & Kathryn Sullivan

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/04/the-lost-children-website-review/



Title – South Village Historical Walking Tour

Tour and Presentation Authors – Leanna Ladouceur, Mary Glynn & Melissa Henderson

Review and Powerpoint Presentation – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/06/south-village-historical-walking-tour-review/



Title – Children’s Librarians Assisting History Teachers

Website Authors – Joseph Pascullo, Tanya Burgess, Roseann Podias & Bernadette Regina

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/06/childrens-librarians-assisting-history-teachers-website-review/


Fall 2013


Title – The Refugee Act of 1980

Website Authors – Caitlin Smith & Emma Kelly

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/04/621/



Title – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness:  The Cuban and Haitian Refugees

Website Authors – Danielle Manri & Alison Mirabella

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/04/life-liberty-the-pursuit-of-happiness-cuban-and-haitian-refugees/



Title – NYC Businesses Support the Military During World War I

Website Authors – Sarah Miller, Kelly Povero & Anne Zadora

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/04/nyc-businesses-support-the-military-during-world-war-i-website-review/



Title – Italian Ephemera

Website Authors – Cassandra Benedict & Liza Young

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/02/italian-ephemera-website-review/



Title – La Famiglia: Their Pursuit of the American Dream

Website Authors – Giovanna Fiorino-Iannace & Joann White

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/03/la-famiglia-the-pursuit-of-the-american-dream-website-review/



Title – Vito Marcantonio: Radical Movement

Website Author – Erica Mohai

Review – https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/04/612/ 

Spring 2014


Title: The Refugee Act of 1980: Uncovering Hidden Revisions

Creators: Lisa Borten, Danielle Manri & Alison Mirabella

AS-L Group Poster Presentation Assignment_alma.sakic13_attempt_2014-03-25-23-05-03_20140325_195255-1

Title: Messages of Unity and Patriotism: Austro-Prussia and the First World War

Creators: Alma Sakic & Frank Dukes

AS-L Group Poster Presentation Assignment_christopher.lund13_attempt_2014-03-25-17-07-53_IMG_2279

Title: Data Use and Management in the Creation and Enforcement of Federal Legislation

Creators: Darya Betin & Chris Lund


Title: Endres Collection

Creator: Erica Mohai

AS-L Group Poster Presentation Assignment_sean.odonnell13_attempt_2014-03-24-19-52-09_Group Poster

Title: Vito Marcantonio Records

Creators: Toni Liberty, Tess Morrison-Colwell & Sean O’Donnell

Paulist Fathers

Fall 2013

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Title – Old St. Mary’s: A collection of historical images documenting the Paulist mission at Old St. Mary’s in San Francisco, CA.

Website Authors –  Lisa Brigandi, Jill Moretto, Meghan Tucker

Review –  https://hiddenheritagecollections.org/2014/04/the-old-st-marys-church-website-review/

Spring 2014


Title: Metadata Creation for Records Belonging to the Paulist Fathers

Creator: Alexandra Mercado


Title: Uniting America Spiritually: Paulist Father’s During the Civil War

Creators: Sarah Miller & Kelly Povero

Marymount Manhattan College

Spring 2014


Title: William Harris Collection: Preserving the Arts

Creators: Elizabeth Beneke & Kanisha Greaves