The Old St. Mary’s Church Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly

Website Created by Lisa Brigandi, Jill Moretto & Meghan Tucker

st mary

A photograph of the Old St. Mary’s Church on June 5, 1906, just two months after the earthquake.

This website seeks to preserve the history of Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, California.  Once destroyed in a fire following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the Old St. Mary’s Cathedral was completely restored and rebuilt by 1909, ultimately allowing the church to overcome an unfortunate situation and remain able to continue their Paulist mission.  The documents presented on this website are divided into four categories: the history of the Old St. Mary’s Church, what the church was like before the earthquake struck, the aftermath of the earthquake, and the restored St. Mary’s Church.  The presentation of these documents allows viewers to see all of the changes that the Old St. Mary’s Church endured as well as the church’s strong and persevering Paulist mission. Continue reading

Old St. Mary’s Collection

Authored by: Alexandra Mercado

This is a picture of Old St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, California during the Golden Jubilee

The Old St. Mary’s Collection at the Paulist Fathers Archive Washington, D.C.

The artifact shown is a digital image of a photograph. This image is  titled “smgjd_028_Watermarked.jpg” and is from the “Old St. Mary’s Collection,” which belongs to the Paulist Fathers. This narrative will first discuss information about the original photograph, then it will discuss the digital version of the image, then it will discuss the Paulist Fathers and objects related to this image and it will conclude with information about the Academic Service-Learning involved in creating this narrative.

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