The Refugee Act of 1980 Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly

Website Created by Caitlin Smith & Emma Kelly


An open remark made by Bob Dole which entailed some of the various struggles Cambodians faced.

This website focuses on the overall theme of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of refugees living in America in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This website emphasizes various documents collected in the years 1979, the year before the implementation of the Refugee Act, and 1980.  Obtained from the Endres Collection at the Center for Migration Studies, these documents provide a strong argument regarding the necessity of why such laws need to be put into effect and how all individuals who reside in the United States are entitled to living their fundamental personal freedoms.

Pictured left is a document where Bob Dole, Senator of Kansas, openly remarked on some of the various struggles that Cambodians faced throughout everyday life.  Senator Dole stated that millions of Cambodians have faced starvation and disease due to the political conflicts of the time.  He later states while although the United States did not intervene with any of the struggles that these individuals faced, he will no longer allow the people to violate their fundamental human rights and will make the effort to try to treat these individuals with the respect that they are ultimately entitled to.  By providing viewers with such documents like Senator Dole’s remarks, this website seeks to educate viewers on struggles that many refugees faced as well as what the Refugee Act of 1980 entails.

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