The Spiritual Journal of Walter Elliott – Mortal Sins

Authored by Lisa Brigandi

Walter Elliott Journal PageMy object is a selection of pages from the Spiritual Journal of Walter Elliott. The image above is only one page from the series on “Mortal Sins.” Written sometime in the late 1800’s, this is a personal journal written by the Paulist priest, Walter Elliott. Elliott is best known for his book The Life of Father Hecker which is a biography of Father Isaac Hecker, who is considered the founder of the Paulist branch of Catholicism. Within the journal, Elliott explores many different religious topics such as Mortal Sin, the role of the Virgin Mary, and Hell.

This journal is written in ink on paper and is written in cursive. Elliott uses predominantly black ink but the pages are numbered in red and there are some sentences written in what appears to be pencil. Elliott makes heavy use of underlining and other techniques to stress words such as using thicker lines to create a bold-faced word. Elliott also uses some interesting abbreviations for repeated words such as “+c,” “Xst,” “H’n,” and “M.S.”.

Much of what I have learned about Walter Elliott and the Paulists has come from the Paulists’ website and previous experience with their archival collection. I know they strongly believe in sharing information with their parishes and want to share and be transparent with their history rather than hide it or keep it to certain members. Transcribing this document would enable a greater number of curious parishoners and laypeople access to Elliott’s words. In accordance with their mission statement, this would help the Paulists to reach out to those whose faith may be lost or those disillusioned by religion.


dc.Title Mortal Sins. Walter Elliott Spiritual Journal
dc.Creator Elliott, Walter
dc.Subject Death
dc.Description Mortal sins
dc.Publisher Lisa Brigandi
dc.Contributor The Paulist Fathers
dc.Date 1800s
dc.Type Digital Object
dc.Format 6 pages, scanned
dc.Source The Paulist Fathers
dc. Subject diaries, Church history – 19th century, brothers (religious
dc.Language En.- US
dc.Rights The Paulist Fathers


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