The Pilgrim: A mission to the world

Authored by Caleb Daubenspeck

The Board pictured above contains the logo suggestions for The Pilgrim missions’ letter sent from the Pilgrim Fellowship Inc. as a monthly ministry update to their supporters. The phrase “Into all the world” was added to the logo in 1959.

In November 1959, E Schuyler English, editor, and president of the Pilgrim Fellowship addressed his supports, encouraging them to give towards the ministry and missions. “For nineteen centers, since our Lord told His apostles to be witnesses concerning Him to the uttermost part of the earth, one generation after another has followed the apostolic Christians in carrying the Gospel to those in darkness throughout the world” (English, E. Schuyler 1959b, 4). The small monthly letter sent out to supporters provided the supporters an opportunity to engage with missions around the world. In an earlier newsletter, English suggested that there are three ways that people can participate in missions to the poor and oppressed; those who can go, those who can support, and all can pray (English 1959a, 2). The newsletter allowed people to engage with missions overseas in personal missions and financially through gifts. 

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