A Festschrift for Mary Katherine Peters: A Testimonial by Friends and Fellow Workers at the State Institute of Agriculture at Farmingdale of the Enduring Esteem and High Regard Held for Mary Katherine Peters.

Authored by Elena Paparatto

This image shows the green front cover of a festschrift. in the middle of the cover, the title states, a testimonial of the enduring esteem and high regard held for Mary Katherine Peters.

This image shows the front cover of the festschrift compiled in honor of Mary Katherine Peters retirement from The New York State Institute of Agriculture in 1939. During her 21 years of service at the institute she managed to positively impact both students and staff leaving behind her a legacy of exceptional work and inspiring service.

In academia, a festschrift is a collection of writing in honor of a scholar usually presented during the lifetime of the recipient. In this case the festschrift is a collection of letters assembled by friends, students, and fellow workers of Mary Katherine Peters (“A Festschrift” 1934).

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