Hidden Heritage Collections Blog

Authored by Karen Beverly

HHC object2

A screenshot of the homepage of the Hidden Heritage Collections website and blog.

The Hidden Heritage Collections website and blog was created in order to showcase the past and present Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) projects that have been completed under the supervision of Dr. Christine Angel.  While this particular website seeks to display these projects, it also serves as a platform for other objectives such as preserving the past, increasing access to cultural diversity, and linking data across cultures.  Thanks to partnering institutions, the students of St. John’s Division of Library and Information Science have been able to learn how to work with, display, and preserve various documents and objects so that they can be viewed on a grand scale.

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The Old St. Mary’s Church Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website Created by Lisa Brigandi, Jill Moretto & Meghan Tucker

st mary

A photograph of the Old St. Mary’s Church on June 5, 1906, just two months after the earthquake.

This website seeks to preserve the history of Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, California.  Once destroyed in a fire following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the Old St. Mary’s Cathedral was completely restored and rebuilt by 1909, ultimately allowing the church to overcome an unfortunate situation and remain able to continue their Paulist mission.  The documents presented on this website are divided into four categories: the history of the Old St. Mary’s Church, what the church was like before the earthquake struck, the aftermath of the earthquake, and the restored St. Mary’s Church.  The presentation of these documents allows viewers to see all of the changes that the Old St. Mary’s Church endured as well as the church’s strong and persevering Paulist mission. Continue reading

The Role of the Legislative Process in Protecting Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website created by Alice Izumo, Amanda Register, Chris Lund, and Mary Thompson


A letter from Amnesty International which entails information including the definition of a refugee.

This particular website focuses on the process of how information is used in order to create laws. To show how this process is done, this website uses various documents obtained from the Endres Collection at the Center for Migration Studies which all pertain to the creation of a very important piece of legislation, The Refugee Act of 1980. While the documents contained in the thirteen boxes at the Center for Migration Studies were created in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the overall enactment of the laws remains relevant, which ultimately allow these documents to serve as a concrete example of the present legislative process.

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The Refugee Act of 1980 Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website Created by Caitlin Smith & Emma Kelly


An open remark made by Bob Dole which entailed some of the various struggles Cambodians faced.

This website focuses on the overall theme of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of refugees living in America in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This website emphasizes various documents collected in the years 1979, the year before the implementation of the Refugee Act, and 1980.  Obtained from the Endres Collection at the Center for Migration Studies, these documents provide a strong argument regarding the necessity of why such laws need to be put into effect and how all individuals who reside in the United States are entitled to living their fundamental personal freedoms. Continue reading

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness: Cuban and Haitian Refugees Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website Created by Danielle Manri & Alison Mirabella


A New York Times article that includes information on some of the issues that Haitian refugees faced.

This website seeks to inform its viewers on Cuban and Haitian refugees and the numerous struggles that these individuals faced in search of protection in the United States. Coming to America in hopes of living a better life than the one they were leaving behind, Cuban and Haitian Refugees wanted to live Thomas Jefferson’s famous phrase of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” instead of living in lands of poverty and political turmoil. Based off of documents from the Endres collection at Center for Migration Studies, this website showcases legal documents regarding the enactment of legislation concerning immigration from 1970 to 1980.

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Vito Marcantonio: Radical Movement Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website created by Erica Mohai

Vito Marcantonio

A photograph of Vito Marcantonio during an outdoor rally in Washington D.C.

This website was created in hopes of informing the public on the life and career of Vito Marcantonio, a New York congressman who was best known for his liberal thinking and his actions concerning the civil rights of Americans. Before he was a politician, Marcantonio showed a strong interest for civil rights in high school (especially regarding his own hometown community of Harlem). After giving a profound speech at a school assembly that caught Politian Fiorello LaGuardia’s attention, Vito Marcantonio formed a friendship and civil relationship with LaGuardia which further promoted encouragement in his future political endeavors. Obtained from Congressman Vito Marcantonio’s private collection at the Center for Migration studies in New York, these various photographs and documents allow viewers an intimate glimpse into the political career of Vito Marcantonio.

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The Lost Children Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website Created by Mary Glynn

Project Contributors: Melissa Henderson, Tonya Ely, Zachary Housel, Margaret Mattes, Joseph Pascullo, and Kathryn Sullivan

lost children

A photograph of Santa Giuliana Giovanni and his family alongside an additional Italian immigrant. Maria Corona obtained from the Center for Migration Studies.

This particular website concentrates on the strenuous journey that Italian immigrant children of the 1900’s (most specifically, “The Lost Children of Ellis Island”) had faced when making their way to America.  While some immigrants made the trip in hopes of living the American Dream – life, liberty, and happiness – many immigrants contracted illness on their journey, passed away, and even got separated from their loved ones.  Children were therefore left alone in a new and foreign country with no guidance, unable to speak the common language of the area, and with no place to go.  Places such as The Saint Raphael Society were then established in order to look after these orphaned children and ultimately tried to raise money for those immigrants who had no choice other than to return back home to Italy.  Continue reading

NYC Businesses Support the Military during World War I Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website Created by Sarah Miller, Kelly Povero & Anne Zadora

Bordens Farm

A receipt from Borden’s Farm Products Co., Inc. obtained from the Center for Migration Studies.

This website focuses on the quest for the American Dream throughout World War I in a very unique way. By examining different documents, such as receipts and ledgers from old stores and businesses, this website takes a look at how various goods and services affected the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of so many different members of society. This particular website, which was constructed around documents that were obtained from the Pompeii Papers at the Center for Migration studies, was created in hopes of ultimately preserving historical buildings around New York City.

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La Famiglia: Their Pursuit of the American Dream Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website created by Giovanna Fiorino-Iannace and Joann White

learning skills

Learning New Skills: Carpentry
(Reprinted with permission from the Center for Migration Studies, New York. Collection 087a)

This website examines the lives and journeys of Italian Immigrants during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and how these immigrants managed to adapt to their newfound home.  In addition to facing struggles such as poverty, overcrowding, and natural disasters that prompted them to leave their beloved home of Italy, Italian immigrants also looked at America with a glimmer of hope, for America held the promise of equality and a way of being able to support their families and loved ones.  Continue reading

Italian Ephemera Website Review

Authored by Karen Beverly


Website created by Cassandra Benedict and Liza Young

A flyer of a performance by pianist Camillo Baucia

A flyer of a performance by Camillo Baucia obtained from the Center for Migration Studies.

This website showcases the journey of an Italian-American immigrant in New York City during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and his quest for the pursuit of happiness in his newfound home.  Though there were numerous ways that many immigrants found joy and contentment, this particular collection focuses on the happiness found in the outlet of music. Continue reading