Children’s Librarians Assisting History Teachers Website Review

Authored by Chris Lund

Website created by Joseph Pascullo, Tanya Burgess, Roseann Podias and Bernadette Regina

Cpl. Alex Pisciotta in full uniform, France, circa 1917

Cpl. Alex Pisciotta in full uniform, France, circa 1917

This website tells the story of Corporal Alex Pisciotta, an Italian Immigrant who served the United States Army during World War I.  The narratives on the site are presented in the first person, as if written by Pisciotta himself, and are complemented by a series of photographs, all taken by Pisciotta.  The overall presentation gives the feel of a real-time blog written by a World War I soldier.  The underlying purpose of this style of presentation is its potential to attract and engage a younger audience, which in turn can assist school teachers in their efforts to teach students about World War I.The site is broken up into six main sections.  The first, “Alex Pisciotta’s Life” provides general background information about Cpl. Pisciotta.  “Soldier Life” documents the day-to-day life of soldiers in France during World War I.  “WWI Civilians” shows American soldiers, or “doughboys,” intreating with local French civilians. “WWI Documents” displays 5 unique documentary items relating to soldier pay and transport notification. Finally, “WWI Vehicles” and “WWI Weaponry” describe and display common methods of transport and frequently used weapons of this period.

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